Official Liverpool Supporters Club of Toronto – CODE OF CONDUCT


OLSC Toronto is an Official Liverpool FC Supporters Club (“OLSC”) Branch as designated by Liverpool FC. OLSC Toronto is a collection of Liverpool FC supporters from across the Greater Toronto Area, based in Toronto, ON Canada.  OLSC Toronto’s goal is to grow and maintain an ever-increasing and active OLSC, and to foster the best possible fan experience this side of Merseyside.  


OLSC Toronto expects all Members and supporters to adhere to the Code of Conduct detailed below at all times when participating in in-person or online activities promoted by OLSC Toronto, at OLSC Toronto functions, and at any other events endorsed or supported by OLSC Toronto or Liverpool FC.



  • OLSC Toronto is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all Members, Club supporters, guests, and staff at our home or affiliated pub locations.
  • All members shall treat other LFC supporters, as well as supporters of other football/soccer clubs with courtesy and respect.
  • No supporters shall threaten another football/soccer fan, or engage in songs or chants that may be deemed offensive.
  •  No member shall degrade or commit an act of violence on any other person while attending matches at any event affiliated with OLSC Toronto, the International OLSC community, or LFC itself. 
  • Instances of unacceptable behavior include, but are not limited to: Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, Sexism, Violent Behavior, and/or affiliation with any other groups that do not reflect the inclusive beliefs of OLSC Toronto.



All OLSC Toronto Members and supporters are expected to:

  • Support the Club in a passionate and enthusiastic manner whilst taking a common-sense approach with sensitivity to those around you (who may be families with minors).
  • Always respect other members, supporters, especially opposing fans and ALL guests and staff at our home or affiliate pubs. 
  • Actively foster a family-friendly environment.
  • Engage in the responsible consumption of alcohol.
  • Use appropriate language, without threatening, foul or abusive content.
  • Abide by “The Liverpool Way” when representing and supporting the team.
  • Comply with requests from the staff or OLSC Toronto Executive when at our home or affiliate pubs, regarding venue operations, emergency response procedures and this Code of Conduct.
  • OLSC Toronto fully supports the Club’s stance on Anti-Racism, Anti-Sexism, etc. and welcomes all Members, supporters and visitors with respect and equality.



Specifically, with respect to the matchday events at our official home or affiliate pubs, OLSC Toronto and the pub’s staff have committed to giving us the best experience and atmosphere in Toronto.  Accordingly, to foster ongoing support and growth of the supporters club, OLSC Toronto Members and supporters should repay that hospitality by adhering to the following:

  • Pay your tab. Tip the bartenders and servers well. Many of them have volunteered to work, especially on Sunday mornings.
  • Be mindful of where the servers need to operate and keep their areas open i.e. near the kitchen, point of sales, etc.
  • Drink responsibly and accept any decisions of bartenders or servers.
  • Unless during a special event, alcohol will not be served for early morning matches before 10 AM or according to local laws as they may change from time to time.      
  • Do not bring outside alcohol into the pub.  This puts undue liability onto the pub and will result in you being requested to leave the premises.  
  • COVID-19: Be aware and respectful of the fact that the management and staff of our home and affiliate pubs must abide by local and Provincial regulations, which may mean you can’t sit or move about as you may wish to during a match. This is a difficult job for them to manage so please be understanding and follow their instructions. 


Where member events are hosted, managed, or promoted by OLSC Toronto:

  • Members or Guests are not permitted to sell or re-sell tickets (be they free or paid).
  • Where Member-Only Access or other member benefits are extended, only the member for whom the membership was purchased may use that benefit. 
  • Members are not permitted to duplicate or share their member card with others – family members or otherwise. 
  • Members shall not circumvent event programming or member benefits by striking deals with host pubs or sponsors directly. 


Yellow and red cards may be issued for any violations of this code, potentially resulting in expulsion from the pub and ultimately from OLSC Toronto.