LET MO GO – Debate Over Salah’s Contract


In advance of this week’s Premier League match between Liverpool FC and Brighton Hove Albion, all the debate among Liverpool FC fans was not about whether we’d overtake City for the League but the ongoing saga between Liverpool FC and Mohammed Salah’s contract renewal.

  • Is FSG doing the right thing in maintaining their salary structure, despite Mo (or Mo’s agent’s demands)?
  • Are Mo’s demands unrealistic when you look at the bigger picture of post-pandemic world football?
  • Should his agent be tarred and feathered?  But I digress.

Mo is one of the best players (if not THE best) in the world right now; there’s no question about that. And he wants to be paid accordingly. Rightly so.  

Rumour has it that Liverpool FC have proposed a salary that will make him the highest-paid player on the team but one that’s still within their salary structure (that’s served us well so far). 

Allegedly, that’s not enough for Salah. Or, should I say, not enough commission for Salah’s greedy, whiny, greasy, parasite manager. I suspect it’s the latter but at some point, the player has to step up and control his employee (unlike what Sterling did).

The arguments: 

  • PAY THE MAN: As the best player in the world right now, Salah deserves to be paid what other top players at Man City, Chelsea, Bayern, Barcelona, Juventus, etc., are making. Or risk losing him.
  • WOAH, SLOW YOUR ROLL: Breaking Liverpool’s salary structure for one player – even one as deserving as Salah – has implications on the rest of the current and future teams. It may keep Salah on the team for the next few years, but then what? What does AFCON winning and in-form Mane say? What will be the response from Virgil and Alisson’s agents? 

Here’s the deal, folks: Liverpool FC is a team and has always done well when firing on all cylinders, not just one. 

  • Suarez was one of the world’s top players when at Liverpool (and best biter, let’s not forget that) but you can easily argue that Daniel Sturridge and Steven Gerrard enabled it. 
  • Phillipe Coutinho was “the magician” and one of the best playmakers in the world when but was a member of the “Fab Four” partnering Mane, Salah, and Firmino.  

The point is Liverpool’s success is not based on a singular star. Unlike a lot of other teams, we truly are the sum of our parts. 

Our Champion League winning season saw goals coming from every player on the pitch, not just one star.  

Breaking the bank for one player changes the dynamics of the team completely; we’re no longer a team but a star and his support team. The resulting resentments, infighting, jealousies, and agent-feeding-frenzy will bring us down. 

If we were to break the bank on this, is Salah the one we should be doing it with given his age? His fitness and form will likely keep him at the top for the next 3 – 4 years, for sure. But lately, it’s been Diaz and Sadio Mane who have been creating most of the chances, driving the team. In the last three games, while still in good form, Salah has not been his unplayable self.

If we’re to break the bank should we maybe be considering doing it for younger players with longer futures? Mbappe, anyone?

And speaking of  Kylian Mbappe…PSG has another of the world’s best players in Mbappe but suffered a humiliating defeat to Real Madrid in the Champions League this past week. 

Much was made about Manchester United re-signing of media darling Cristiano Ronaldo, but the team has struggled all season (thank you, Harry Magure, you beautiful oversized refrigerator). 

Top players are only as good as their team and their egos (and agents) sometimes need a reality check. I’m not suggesting Mo Salah has a big ego and that’s what’s driving the uncertainty over his contract issue, but it does seem that way right now.

Back to Coutinho. While a member of the Fab Four, he was one of the best in the world. He left for more money, and guess what? He became nothing, and the remaining Liverpool frontmen got even better. 

  • And won the Champions League.
  • And the Club World Club.
  • And the Premier League.
  • And the EFL Cup.

And then there’s Gini, counting his money while quietly sitting outside the Champions League over at PSG.

History can teach us a lot.

And let’s not forget that FSG and Liverpool FC have proven adept at strategically adding younger players that bring the skill and firepower to better THE TEAM.   Robertson, Jota, Diaz. I could go on. 

So let me put it out there: if he wants more money, #LetMoGo.  

Disappointing as that would be (maybe even devastating to those of us that love him so), let’s not forget WE ARE LIVERPOOL.


Let him go, let him go
Can’t hold him back anymore
Let him go, let him go
Turn away and slam the door
I don’t care where he’s going to go
“At the end of the storm there’s a golden sky”
Abbas won’t bother us anymore. 


To be clear: I’m not advocating for Liverpool to sell Mo. They want him and he wants to stay.

But, that should not happen at the expense of what Liverpool is or breaking what makes us successful today.

If he stays for another 4 years, he’ll forever be enshrined into the fabric of this incredible club. If he leaves, his legacy will be tainted forever, but as we did when Torres, Suarez, Sterling, and Coutinho left, we’ll only get better.  

Liverpool has proven to be ambitious, continuously fighting for – and winning – a wide variety of silverware. And when not winning, being right there in the mix.  I pray that that will be taken into account by Mo and his agent when it comes time. 

If he does not accept the contract, he’ll likely be taking a step back as it’s unlikely he’ll be sold to another Premier League team this summer.

We’ll stick to our team-first strategy  – and win. 

We’ll stick to our Liverpool ethos, stay the underdogs (even when favorites), and not rely on state-run unethical business practices – and win. 

We’ll continue to buy and sell strategically based on what’s best for the club, not one player.

When we’re a team, fighting for each other, we put out a group that Klopp calls “mentality monsters.” We fight together and we win.  Creating a team of individuals chips away at that ethos and will eventually be our decline. 

If being the highest-paid player on one of the best TEAMS in the world is not enough, let him go.

Sam Fiorella


Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 




4 thoughts on “LET MO GO – Debate Over Salah’s Contract”

  1. Tell us how you really feel @Sam haha.

    As much as I can understand the “we’ll be great without Mo”, he does give us that genuine matchwinner offensively.

    I’m hopeful of LFC sorting this out prior to next season’s kickoff.

    This whole thing reeks of Joey Bautista’s contract stand off with the Jays…

    1. I know, I know. I need therapy.

      I pray that they’ll make it work and attribute all the bluster to the parasitic agent and not Mo’s alledged greed.

      He’ll truly go down as a cult hero at Liverpool if he stays for another term. I trust that it’s enough.

  2. I agree with everything you said but I do believe that they could handle it a lot better, media wise and without affecting the team as much. Maybe a common announcement saying that the two sides will try talks again in the summer or something. Anything to put a closure to the matter for the moment. Or the team could renew him and then if you wanna avoid his contract just sell him in the summer( Just to keep the team happy/ for the seazon). I understand that renewing and selling might show issues of “loyalty” towards a player but if Salah’s agent is greedy then there is nothing that Liverpool can do.
    No one is above the team and no one ever will be, but sometimes some players feel a bit more Close with the fans’s and thats understandable. I do want Salah to stay 10000%, but if we have to sell him cause of a greedy agent I do believe we could avoid all this drama and do it a smarter way.

    1. It’s a sad situation, which I blame on the agent frankly.

      He’s trying to create public sympathy for Mo, making FSG look like the bad guy in hopes of putting additional pressure on them. Abbas’s EGO is way too big. He’s a little man with a lot of power.

      The reality is that it’s hurting Mo’s reputation and legacy, as was the case with Sterling and Coutinho before him. When agents are allowed to run loose, it’s never a good thing for the player.

      But, that said, the agent works for the player so maybe they need to keep them in check? Or, possibly, his agent is actually doing what Mo wants.

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