Liverpool FC 3 – Wolves 1 , Premier League Matchweek #38 Review

Well, that was dramatic. 

Liverpool FC finished off the 21/22 Premier League season in the best way possible short of walking home with the trophy. Our Redmen once again displayed what makes Liverpool, well, Liverpool. 

Mentality Monsters.


Goals: Mané 24', Salah 84'  Robertson 89'
Assists Thiago 24', Matip 84', Firmino 89'


The story here must start with what was on the line before kick-off.   

Liverpool FC announces a pre-emptive parade, win or lose. 

A City draw or loss to the Gerrard-managed Villans and with Countinho on the roster, coupled with an LFC win and Klopp takes home his second League Cup and we continue to fight for the unprecedented quadruple. 

All the bookmakers had City favoured to win and despite how hopeful we all were, we knew it was a tall hill to climb. 

Yet we believed. 

An early goal by Pedro Neto in the 3rd minute tested that faith. Yet, we believed. 

City go down 1 and we’re in the league. Cheers all around.

City go down 2 and Mane evens the score at Anfield. Euphoria. 

Liverpool, Liverpool, Top of the League! 

Liverpool go up 1.


But then City what City does - scores 3 goals in 5 minutes that took all the joy out of Robertson’s goal, taking us to a 3-1 win in our final match of the season. 

Congratulations to Pep and the team. 

I typically provide my thoughts on the top/worst playmakers of the match but that’s irrelevant at this point. 

We lost the cup but it doesn’t feel like a loss. And if it does to you, give your head a shake. 

The loss of the League Cup is a small thing, despite City’s smugness over it. 

Knowing the stakes, Liverpool fought back from conceding a goal in the 3rd minute to win 3-1. They did what they’ve done all year, show who we are. We fought, we never gave up, we believed. 

We played every possible match that a top team can play, more than any other team in the top flights, and stayed (mostly) healthy.

And still, until the last day, we were still fighting for the quadruple. 

Klopp and the lads have put on a display that we'll not soon forget.

Let’s also not forget: 

  • Last year, due to unprecedented injuries, we almost finished out of the top four. If not for the courage of a makeshift centerback pair and brilliant open-play goal by Allisson, we may not have even been here.
  • Titleholders Manchester City and Champions League winners Chelsea FA were strongly favoured to win. At best, pundits and bookmakers at Liverpool finishing a distant third. 
  • At the start of the season, and even at the close of the mid-season transfer window, #FSGOut was trending. A faction of fans still didn’t believe we had what it took to win or compete at the top of the table. 
  • About 6 or 7 weeks ago we were some 10 points behind City and many - including a lot of LFC fans - didn’t think we had a chance. 

…and here we are. The last day, the last game, 75th minute and it was still VERY POSSIBLE that we could walk away with our third title of the season. 

Think about that. 

Think about what this team did despite the naysayers, despite not having unlimited (and likely/often illegal - according to FIFA rules) spending capacity.

We are Liverpool. We don’t need to sponsor our own teams, shift money from one column to another to ‘get away’ with overspending, we don’t need the pundits or the nation to like us. 

We fight.

We believe. 

Our team gives us reason to believe, to dream. 

That's what it means to be Liverpool. No other team and fan base can claim this. No other team has the heart and soul this team does.

As we move towards the final match of the year, ANOTHER Champions League final, let’s all be really clear about what we’ve been fortunate enough to witness: One of the - if not THE greatest teams and fights in our memories.

If you don't believe, you're not a Liverpool fan. End of story.



The biggest game of the year deserves the biggest party of the year!!

LFC Toronto have organized three official watch parties, which will be held at Elephant & Castle on King St Toronto and Slye Fox on New Street in Burlington.

LFC Toronto members enjoy early access (12 Noon) at these pubs. Non-Members - if space permits - will be allowed in at 2 PM.

Because of the number of LFC and football fans who want to watch this match, we've also negotiated a "buy out" of The Loose Moose on Front and York Streets in Downtown Toronto. Doors open at 12 Noon for ALL - members and non-members alike that this pub.

No reservations or tickets are required. First-come, first-serve at all. We encourage you to get to your chosen pub early!

Please visit our events page for full details on where and how to join other LFC Fans as we fight for yet another trophy this weekend.

For those joining our member queues before doors open at Elephant & Castle and Slye Fox, we encourage you to arrive early!  Queues will start early and we'll be hosting a pre-match watch party with music and giveaways every 15 mins or so!

NOTE: There is no official LFC Toronto watch party at The Madison for this match.


The last Premier League match means we held our last Member halftime draw!  Congratulations Noel Kenny! 


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