LIVERPOOL 4 | MAN U 0, Matchweek #33 Review

Hellooooo Liverpool FC Toronto Family..

So let me start off by saying,  I am writing this guest post as our illustrious VP, has taken a much needed trip across the pond to take in the upcoming Blueshi.. I mean Everton Match. On top of that, he played on a Ryder Cup Royal Golf Course, gone to a Paul Weller concert and has also taken in a Tranmere Rovers match, all of this was literally in the first 72 hours of his trip and I am not going to mention the vast amounts of pints being consumed, by Sam and Petey.. Samoochie, we miss you and can't wait for your return.

Liverpool FC 4 - Man U 0


Díaz (5'minutes),

Salah (22'minutes, 85'minutes),

Mané (68'minutes)


Salah (5'minutes),

Mané (22'minutes),

Díaz (68'minutes),

Jota (85'minutes)


I wanted to start this off, with our sincere sadness at the news of Cristiano's Son passing away. Such a class act by the amazing LFC fans at the 7th minute, belting out our Anthem 'You'll Never Walk Alone' in support of his family during this tough time. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family at this tough time.

Now on to things on a more positive perspective.

What a time to be a Liverpool fan! Have you ever seen anything like this? I have to pose that question again, Literally have you seen anything like this?

Over two legs, a 9-0 thrashing of one of our oldest rivals, just absolutely unbelievable to say the least. We are such a well oiled machine and Klopp has been a godsend to us all. Do you remember those lean times as an LFC fan, we would take the opposing banter from teams better than us or who would have beaten us, especially MU. But now, they run, marvel at our team and literally can't say anything negative. Even the pundits like Neville and Keano pull no punches at how amazing we are and how they would cry if I dare say, we win the quadruple.

Getting back to yesterday's match. Even in our rich vain of form, there was always an inkling, how ever remote, that Man U would actually show up and provide us a test. Well, we know the answer to that one, we humiliated a broken team, now in complete shambles and the laughing stock of Manchester. That was due to our guile, intestinal fortitude and pride for the badge. Did we not enjoy giving them a thorough beatdown! Did your cellphones not blow up with the Mo and McGuire meme's.

There are sooooo many happy points from yesterdays match. I do appreciate the two very large groups at the Maddy's and E&C supporting the team, which was great to see all the local support.

Man of the Match, was it Magnificent Mo or our Midfield Maestro Thiago, could it have been the Columbian sensation Luiz D or our Lion Mane, Andy and the list goes on.. Yes Mo was in the end the MOM, but I can't say Man of the Match, more so our squad entirely were, the Men of the Match.

What a welcome relief that Mo got on the score sheet, not once but twice. I think, he should have had a third, but alas, it was not to happen on this day. Could you imagine getting two hattricks against Man U, completely unheard of, but he was very close.

In any case, you can see hard work and perseverance pays off and he gives his all for the team in attack and defense.

I added in the assists above just to illustrate, the cohesive forward unit we have now built with Mo, Mane, Jota, Diaz, Bobby, Taki and Div. Just an embarrassment of riches, we have not had in a century.

I have to move on to Thiago Alcantara.. as I write this, the song of our Midfield General plays in my head. Thiagoooooo.. What a midfield masterclass that was. Do we say, that was his best LFC performance? Is this what we were hoping for all along, week in and week out?  His play was just magical to witness and against strong opposing mids like Pogba and Bruno Penandes. I applaud Pogba for running away after the first goal, he knew what a painful match it would be and he ran for the hills.

A couple of interesting stats I wanted to share, MU only had two shots against us and only one was on goal. Let that sink in for a sec.

What an incredible, cohesive defensive unit, we have brought together. We all know the power of our attack. But we have only let in 22 goals for the prem season, which is only two off Citeh, with a plus 6 goal difference. Ali Keepahhh Becker, VVD, his partner Joel "Inspector Gadget" Matip, the marauding Trent with the flying Scot Andy. This maybe the best defensive unit, that Liverpool FC has ever comprised, just outstanding in all aspects, they are all righting a new level of LFC history.

Another song pops in to my head (Can we play you every week) lol. But now this Manchester job is done and we move on to our Blue neighbors.

This weekend's encounter should be an interesting one, but its great to be us, an amazing LFC Family, who knows no limits and no bounds! So lets sit back and enjoy the beautiful ride.


Man Citeh 2 vs Liverpool 3 - FA CUP

The young man mountain Ibou at it again with a towering header and a brace for the Senegalese Lion Magnificent Mane. Not sure, which goal of Mane's would have been Klopp's favorite, but Mane was all over the pitch, which is a delight to see. Are we offering him a new contract. Interesting how that will play out.

No Matter, what the outcomes are, its just a fabulous feeling to beat your rivals, especially at Wembley.

Of course hard to play a great team like Citeh twice in a short amount of time. But we had a great first half, showcasing the football that we play. But I think then in the second,  mentally we shut off a bit, but did more than enough to secure this vital win, to keep our hopes of amazing achievements alive.

I am continually amazed at the amount of out of towners and vacationers, who joins us to our watch events. This week we had some very lovely folks from the UK and PEI grace us at the pub. It cements us a a global power and fanbase, always supporting our team, no matter where we are in the world!


Merseyside Derby

This is a broken record for us lately, big match after a big match!

Well Everton is in the relegation zone, is this still considered a big match, rival or not? In any case we will be showing this match at the 3 locations, The Madison, Elephant & Castle as well as the Slye Fox in Burlington. So please do the needful and book a table at the venue, so they can staff accordingly.



We have many LFC TO fans who have made the amazing journey to watch a match at Anfield as well as many places around the world. This week we have some pics from Rasam in Montreal at the Burgundy Lion, Petey and Sam in Chester and our resident worldwide ambassador Donna with members of the Austrian OLSC, a great pic in front of the amazing new Salah mural as well as great pics from Anfield.

Please continue to send us your amazing pics supporting LFCTO from around the world!


Well we are all winners as to how the team has been playing. But unfortunately this week, we didn't get a chance to do the draw for the Man U match, we got caught up in all the excitement, with our emphatic win.

But we have a special one or two this weekend for the Everton draw, so please watch out on our media channels for that special session.


Jake Lota
You’ll Never Walk Alone.