Member of the Month: Donna Q

LFC Toronto is proud to announce a new community feature, Member of the Month! Our first member of the month is Donna Q.

We had a chance to chat with Donna to ask her a few questions.


What made you become a fan of Liverpool Football Club?

It was John Barnes that first sparked my interest in Liverpool. I remember watching Liverpool play Newcastle back in 1987 and I saw John Barnes playing. It was at that moment I knew Liverpool was the club I was going to support. I knew about Liverpool as a child growing up and I loved to watch the football matches, even though I did not truly understand the game as much as I do now.
I also fell in love with the scouser accent and the City of Liverpool when I lived in England.


How long have you supported the club?

I have been a passionate Liverpool supporter since 1987 but I have been following the club since 1985.


When did you become a member of LFC Toronto?

I became a Toronto LFC member in 2015. I started going to Scallywags in 2014, however I didn’t know anyone at first so I usually kept to myself during the games. I slowly started to make friends with a few of the regulars at Scallywags and now, here I am 3 years later. I have made some incredible friends and I always look forward to going to Scallywags on game days.


What are your favorite Liverpool moments?

I have 2 favourite LFC moments. My first moment is the 2005 Champions League Finals in Istanbul. How can anyone forget that day. I remember watching the game from home and couldn’t believe we were down 3-0 at half time. We all know what followed on that memorable day. I was so beside myself and it is a moment I will never forget.

The second is the Europa League Semi-Final game against Dortmund in 2016. This time I was at Scallywags with our supporters and when Lovren scored that goal, the place erupted. It was a great moment and a classic win with true Liverpool style.


What is your outlook for the 2018 season?

I would love to see Liverpool win the Premier League title for once. We came so close in the 2013/14 season with Gerrard and Suarez! At one point we thought we were a strong contender for the title last season, however due to unforseen circumstances we continually lost key players to injuries and in return lost games we should have won. In my opinion, I think we need to sign a Centre Back and Left Back.

I love Jurgen Klopp and I am confident he will do the right thing and get us some decent players. I think he is looking for a team that can press and counter attack with speed.


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  1. I am very honoured to be LFC Toronto first member of the month. I know a lot has changed at Liverpool Football Club since I answered those questions before the start of the season. We signed some great players and I am only more excited to see what lies ahead for our beloved club.

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