#NORLIV Matchday Wk 1 Recap | OLSC Toronto

It was certainly an epic opening day at the Madison Pub with our Toronto Reds: CBs restored, 3 of the front line scoring,  fans back in the stadium, Toronto Liverpool FC fans back at our local pub, and 3 points.




There was a lot of fanfare in the lead up to this match here in the city. Toronto was in lockdown for the better part of a year, which meant the majority of last season saw us Reds watching from our living rooms or, on occasion, in a Zoom watch party. But that was last year.

This year, we looked to start the season right. OLSC Toronto updated its website to include a new online membership tool, which promises to offer so much more value to local fans.

  • To start, we’re now allowing members to get and manage their memberships online. Memberships will now all run alongside the season, all being effective from Aug 1st to July 31st of the following year.
  • Scannable digital membership cards are now issued to all members immediately and available right from your phone, so there’s no more waiting for your printed card to be picked up (printed cards are still available for those what want it).
  • Event calendar has been added to the site to highlight when we’re gathering at the pub for matchdays, along with other public and member-only events (stay tuned for new events posted soon).
  • We began upping our social media accounts to connect more of our Liverpool FC family across the GTA
  • We took on new volunteers to ensure we keep this momentum up and achieve our goals; it’s been a real honour for me to work along side the OLSC Executive , as well as with Reagan Zuzarte and Dan Fernandez to get this season kicked off right. Every day is a blessing when you’re part of this family.   BUT WE NEED YOU! Want to become more involved in your LFC club? Volunteer today! 


All that helped make our opening day one to remember. With over 200 fans spread across 3 floors (both indoors and outdoors) at The Madison Ave Pub, we watched, chanted, and celebrated our team’s 3-0 win.


Our first Premier League matchday half-time draw saw OLSC Toronto Member Jim Tobin win a LFC Toronto t-shirt. Look for the draw at next week’s 1/2 time at The Madison Ave pub or watch our Live video broadcast on social media.

To celebrate the return of fans to our pub, the OLSC Toronto executive raffled off 3 LFC prizes: Team-signed kit bag, Alisson kit, and a LFC hat.
Congratulations to our winners!

OLSC Toronto Prize Winner - Liverpool FC

OLSC Toronto Prize Winner - Liverpool FC










All members are automatically entered into the draw, and you don’t need to be at the pub to win. Not a member yet – you can do it online now!

liverpool FANS – toronto

Aside from a solid win, the buzz was all about the gathering of old friends and the making of so many new friends! From hours before the match to many, many hours after the match, Liverpool FC fans hugged, laughed, and chanted to we were all hoarse. Here’s a few snaps from the fans showing off their new OLSC Toronto scarves!  (Scarves are available from an OLSC Toronto member at each match)



SONGS – showing our love

One of the things I personally missed the most from us getting together is the celebratory songs and chants from our diehard fans. Here’s a quick clip of us signing “si señor” to Bobby after his goal. Admittedly, it did take a few rounds to get us back in sync but by the end of the match, it was like we we were never apart!   P.S. Is there anyone better than our Bobby?!

All in all it was a fabulous day filled with friendship, love, and, of course, 3 points!


Whether you were at the pub or at home – what was your favourite moment(s)? Share with us in the comments below.

Till next week REDS,

You’ll Never Walk Alone.

Missed out the day’s activities? You can:




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  1. Lovely time at “The Maddy” … our new LFC Toronto pub! Great seeing the lot of you and genuinely missed singing our songs together!

    Can’t wait for more this season! Cheers lads and ladettes,


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