An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a yearly gathering of the organization’s members. During this meeting, the elected OLSC executives present their annual report, which shares the supporters club’s achievements during the past year, its financial standing or other performance updates.  This is an opportunity for all members to ask any questions of the team.

The current Executive Board will put forward any resolutions on the operations of the club, which requires a vote of the general membership. All members may vote in favour or against the resolutions with a majority deciding.

During this annual meeting, the elected executive will dissolve the current Executive Board and hold a vote for the next year’s Executive Board. All members of OLSC Toronto in good standing have the opportunity to be nominated for an elected position and the right to vote for those nominated.   Members can vote in person at the AGM or through a written proxy submitted prior to the AGM.



It is important for all members to have their say in the way the OLSC is run. While members may ask questions or voice concerns to their elected Executive any time throughout the year, this is an opportunity for all members to come together as a collective and discuss the goals of the club, the year’s activities, the club’s performance, and provide full member feedback to help shape the future of the club.



Anyone wishing to be considered as a candidate for an elected position on the OLSC Toronto Executive must:

  • Be a current member of the Official Liverpool FC Membership scheme or a current season ticket holder for the season they wish to serve
  • Hold a current paid membership with OLSC Toronto and have been a member for a full year prior to serving
  • Be at least 18 years of age and live in the region covered by OLSC Toronto
  • Meet the suggested  job qualifications/requirements outlined for the position, and must be willing to provide references if requested by Liverpool FC
  • Have a valid email address and phone number that will be provided to Liverpool FC
  • Not have a family member or another member of their household already serving on the Executive Board
  • Be able to meet both the job and time requirements involved in the job
  • Must adhere and police the OLSC Toronto Code of Conduct
  • Not use the OLSC for personal or business gain, including the use of their role in their personal social media accounts
  • Not have been a past member or Executive who resigned or was removed

Important note for those considering running for an OLSC Toronto Executive position: Per the Club Policy set out by Liverpool FC for OLSCs, “OLSCs are expected to act appropriately and not make inappropriate reference, criticism, or derogatory remarks about any player at the club, the management or coaching staff, CEO, members of the team or board of directors, the club’s owners, any member of staff, other OLSCs or any other football clubs of players of other football clubs.”  As a result, any member in violation of this policy is prohibited from becoming a member of the OLSC Toronto executive committee or Appointed Committee Chair positions.



Any member of OLSC Toronto on the date of the AGM may attend, ask questions, and vote for the newly elected time.



The AGM will be held annually during the last 4 weeks of a season. The date will be announced via the website, email, and social media accounts.



The OLSC Toronto governance body is composed of Elected and Appointed positions.

The elected positions include President, Vice President, Member Services Director, Treasurer, and Secretary.  When elected, one of the first responsibilities of the Elected Board is to appoint Chairpersons for the following committees: Events, Marketing & Communications, Partnerships & Charities, Membership.

Read more about the OLSC Toronto Governance Team here.



Any member in good standing (holding a valid membership card) on the date of the AGM may vote for any resolution put forward by the Executive Board during the meeting or for the election/re-election of the next Executive Board.



Members are strongly encouraged to attend the AGM in person and to participate in every way possible. When a vote is required, each member will be asked for a show of hands for either a “Yay” or “Nay” vote. Majority rules.



If a member cannot attend the AGM in person, they have the right to submit a vote for any announced resolutions or to cast a ballot for a nominee in the election of a new OLSC Toronto Executive.  An email will be sent to all current members in advance of the AGM listing any planned resolutions and known candidates for the next Executive Board. A proxy form will be included, which must be filled out and sent to the Secretary of the current board via email at least 5 days prior to the AGM.