Raffles tickets: $5/each or 3 for $10
See the table top signs or a volunteer for the prize details.
Winners announced at the end of the match.

Don’t have cash on you? Send an EMT to payment@lfctoronto.com. No password required.
Please add note with “merch” or “raffle ticket” and connect with one of our Executives or volunteers in the pub.



As part of our strategy to generate funds to support both OLSC MEMBER Events and local charities, our team hosts a few Raffles throughout the year, typically during Marquee Event games (E.g. Derby match) or member events (E.g. Crimbo, Legend Visits, etc.).

For transparency and simplicity, we’re listing the following Raffle Cheat Sheet:

GAME DAY RAFFLES: Tickets are sold by our volunteers at the pub prior to – and at half-time – on select gamedays. Winners are announced at the end of the game and posted by the bar. EVENT RAFFLES: Tickets are sold by our volunteers throughout the evening by our Exec team and volunteers. Winners are announced prior to the Event closing. Prizes are typically LFC-based clothing, tickets, and/or paraphernalia, which are purchased by your Exec or donated from other sources.

Member Halftime Raffles are different from the fundraiser raffles outlined above. During each Liverpool Premier League game, your Executive will broadcast a Instagram Live video with a draw for an LFC-Toronto related prize. There are no tickets sold for these raffles. All members are automatically entered for a chance to win. Prizes are announced during the halftime video and held at the pub for pick up till the end of Dec (for winners up to Dec 1) and till last game of the season (for all other winners). Prizes not picked up will be returned to the prize vault.

Not a member? You should be! Do it now.

GET READY FOR OUR GAME DAY OR EVENT DAY RAFFLES! Follow our social media channels of announcements or find the Marquee Event games listed in our Events Listings. Be sure to bring some cash with you to buy your tickets. If you’ve forgotten you can find EMT instructions below.


price of raffle tickets (cash, please)

  • 1 ticket for $5
  • 3 for $10
  • 6 for $20

how to pay

EMT TO payment@lfctoronto.com


Cash (preferred)

Ask any Executive or Volunteers if you have any questions.


From time to time OLSC Toronto design our own Limited Edition Toronto Fan Club swag for our members. Proceeds from the sale of these items supports our Member Events as well as the support we offer local charities. These items are only available for purchase/pick up from our Executive team at the pub on game days. Ask us! Or email YNWA@lfctoronto.com for more.

lfc toronto swag currently available

  • LFC Toronto Fan Scarves: $20 (Premium Members)/ $25 (non members)
  • YNWA Mugs: $15 (Premium Members)/ $20 (non members)
  • Heart in Liverpool, Body in Toronto Tees : $25 (Premium Members)/ $30 (non members)


EMT TO payment@lfctoronto.com


Cash (preferred)