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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions.

Get to know an awesome community of like minded Liverpool FC supporters – You’ll Never Walk Alone!

What are membership dues used for?2022-07-24T20:41:53-04:00

A membership fee is not required to attend watch parties at our home pubs. OLSC Toronto charges a fee for Premium memberships to support growth initiatives, offset costs for member events and deliver the best member experience possible.

These include: Support of local and Liverpool-based community groups, hosting fan experiences (eg. our holiday party), sponsoring fan experiences such as hosting ex-Liverpool players in our pub, and, where needed, updating banners and in-pub signage.

NOTE: 100% of funds collected serve the club’s mandate; OLSC Toronto Executives and Chairpersons are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and effort. No portion of the membership fee collected is paid to Liverpool FC.

How do I become a member?2022-07-24T20:34:47-04:00

The easiest way is to become a member online! It’s easy and fast!

You’ll need to create an account on our website by completing the membership registration form. Choose your membership level here.

Once you’ve completed the checkout you will receive a confirmation email (check spam or junk folder if you don’t see it), and have access to your digital member card immediately.

Why should I become a Premium member?2022-07-24T20:32:48-04:00

OLSC Toronto Premium Members receive many benefits, including access to allotted tickets at Anfield, discounts to exclusive swag, food, etc., complimentary or discounted tickets to member events, pre-reservation at our home pubs for Cup finals (when seating is often limited due to volume of people), and more! See our Member Perks page or review our Events and Blog pages.

Those are the physical perks but the real value is in the connections, friendships, and memories made with fellow Reds across the GTA!

How do I request tickets to Anfield?2022-07-24T20:27:30-04:00

One of the many benefits of being a member of the Toronto Branch of the Official Liverpool Supporters Club is the opportunity to purchase tickets to a match at Anfield. All paid-up Toronto Branch members, who are also full Official Liverpool FC Club Members, are eligible to apply for tickets.

Please note that members must also have a valid Liverpool Football Club Members Card, which can be applied for on the official Liverpool FC website, not the “International” membership! Apply here.

How long does a Premium OLSC Toronto Membership last?2022-07-24T20:43:04-04:00

Regardless of when you purchase your membership, OLSC Toronto memberships are valid from August 1st to July 31st of the following year to coincide with the start of pre-season activities.

How do I stay in touch?2022-07-24T20:28:20-04:00

Follow us on Social Media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (check the footer of this website for the links).

Where do you watch games?2022-07-24T20:23:15-04:00

LFC Toronto has two home pubs for each broadcasted match:

Toronto Downtown: The Elephant & Castle on King and Simcoe Streets
Toronto West: Slye Fox on New Street in Burlington.

To accommodate the extraordinarily large Liverpool FC fan base in the Greater Toronto area, we’re currently seeking additional permanent home pubs and “overflow pubs” for big games/finals. If you’re interested in learning more about what it takes to be a LFC Toronto pub, please contact us here.

What is an OLSC?2022-07-24T20:22:02-04:00

OLSC is an acronym for Official Liverpool Supporters Club. Liverpool Football Club has over 300 Official LFC Supporters Clubs (OLSCs) in over 90 countries worldwide. Each local club must apply to LFC for review and approval before becoming a sanctioned chapter, which OLSC Toronto is.

OLSCs provide a valuable service to loyal Liverpool Football Club supporters living in the local area. The Supporters Clubs also provide an excellent way of meeting fellow supporters devoted to following Liverpool Football Club, wherever they live in the world.

Official LFC Supporters Clubs are closely affiliated to Liverpool Football Club and enjoy a close working relationship with the Liverpool Football Club.


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